Witty Works Team

Our Company Description

We are a tech startup developing and selling the B2B SaaS product diversifier.witty.works.
Language in job ads is interpreted differently, depending on the person's socialization. Traditional language can discourage people from diverse backgrounds from applying. With our product, we support companies in formulating job advertisements in such a way that the open positions can appeal to all types of talent. In addition, we develop technological solutions to enable inclusive language to be used in all aspects.

Our Company Culture

Our mission is: We are revolutionizing the way we write in Europe to move towards an inclusive economy and society.

We are a small team of people who believe in the impact of language and see diversity and inclusion as an economic and social imperative.

Each of us has our specialization, but also helps out in the other areas so that we can ensure customer-centric and agile product development.

It is extremely important to us to exchange ideas at eye level, both within the team and with customers. In addition, we want to work with people who want to question and move the status quo of business and society with us.

All employees can contact proitera as an independent ombuds service, in case they need support or advice.


In your role, you can determine how we should proceed as a company to achieve our common goals. There is a lot of opportunity to help shape things, as nothing is set in stone yet.

Other goodies:

  • Annual working hours, i.e. you decide when and where you work in consultation with your team.
  • 40 hours per week.
  • Half-fare card, software, gadget and mobile budget to reduce need for expense reports
  • Choice of laptop or bring your own with paid rent.
  • 100% salary in case of maternity leave, 4 weeks paternity leave.
  • 5 weeks of vacation.
  • Transparent wages and salary system.

Diversity is very important to us. Accordingly, this is a criteria in our selection process.

Since many of us have children of our own, personal freedoms that ensure compatibility are extremely important to us.