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Software Development

80% or more | Zurich and home office (Switzerland)

Salary is negotiable

Your new role

Denteo is an exciting software to work on with a solid foundation, happy users and vast potential. To take it to the next level, we need people with different perspectives to fill positions across our stack.

We are hiring for multiple positions and together we’ll find the right place for you. So if you’re looking for intriguing work around passionate developers (men and women) in a fast-growing startup, please apply!

Your tasks:

  • Solve real problems with contemporary technology
  • Write reliable code that others can build upon
  • Shape new features with the design team
  • Refine our tooling and the way we work
  • Improve the day-to-day life of hundreds of people

This job is for you if

  • are comfortable with some tech of our stack or happy to learn it quickly
  • are engaged to question past decisions and existing code
  • are a solver that approaches problems with curiosity
  • are dependable

About Us

Our team develops one of the world’s finest digital management solutions for dentists and their patients. Today Denteo is used in more than 140 clinics with hundreds of daily users.

We just accepted Series A funding to continue our rapid growth in Switzerland and expand to new markets abroad. This guarantees interesting problems to solve across all our activities.

Now we need more hands on deck. Do you have a longing for meaningful work around kind people? Please apply!

Company culture

Culture is everything and we work everyday in a healthy, comfortable, inviting and transparent environment where everyone can be fully one self.

We are a tech company and this is our current stack:

  • Frontend: Rails and Vue.js, Nuxt, Webpack, SCSS and some SVG magic
  • Backend: Rails and Postgres and the occasional microservice
  • DevOps: Self-managed Kubernetes, Prometheus, Rook, Ceph, GitLab

Our development culture:

  • We carefully define the scope of our work. This results in reliable releases and a focused atmosphere.
  • Our CEO has a background in engineering, so code is at our core
  • We only build for evergreen browsers
  • Continuous deployment, thanks to code reviews, a solid CI/CD pipeline, and review apps for every change

What we offer

  • Making experience in a growing startup, expanding abroad
  • Purposeful work, supporting doctors and patients
  • A stand-out product to work on
  • Total focus, little distraction from outside
  • An honest and warm environment
  • The bare minimum of hierarchy
  • Talented colleagues to learn from
  • A life without night-shifts and weekend work
  • Flexible hours, 80% positions and partial remote work
  • Support for parents, proven every day
  • Transparent and competitive salaries
  • 5 weeks of holidays
  • A week-long retreat abroad every year
  • Yearly visit to a dental hygienist, of course

Our Recruitment process

Kaspar Gertsch

Kaspar Gertsch is happy to answer your questions about the job or the team via email.

  1. Write and tell us about your motivation, your path so far, projects you've worked on, and your ideal start date.
  2. In a Zoom call, we introduce you to our company, software, and salary structure. We get to know each other, and you can get answers to any questions you may have.
  3. We ask you to solve a task at home. It's small and shouldn’t take more than 3–4 hours.
  4. In a final interview with team members, we discuss your work, pertinent questions and hash out the details.

Apply now

Denteo AG, Sihlquai 131, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland,