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NLP Development

50% or more | Zurich and/or Homeoffice

CHF 100000 - 110000 / year

Salary is not negotiable (determined by salary system)

Your new role

With the support of the existing development team and in collaboration with our research partner at the Bern University of Applied Science, you will build up the API for the Diversifier using NLP to further enhance the current rule-based solution for German, English and eventually Latin-based and other languages.

The goal is to take into account the context of the text, make it more efficient to define additional rules and develop new rules based on user feedback.

You will help make technology key decisions in creating the implementation itself. You will closely work with the team building the web application and browser extension.

Together with us you will shape our company and development culture as well as the further development of our product.

This job is for you if

  • you would like to support us with your broad know-how in NLP (entity recognition, stemming, parsing, sentiment detection), which you have acquired in the last years.
  • you have experience with German and English in the context of NLP
  • you have interest and experience in building a Python-based API backend.
  • you would like to contribute to our company in an entrepreneurial way - with regard to our services as well as our organization.

About Us

We are a tech startup developing and selling the B2B SaaS product
Language in job ads is interpreted differently, depending on the person's socialization. Traditional language can discourage people from diverse backgrounds from applying. With our product, we support companies in formulating job advertisements in such a way that the open positions can appeal to all types of talent. In addition, we develop technological solutions to enable inclusive language to be used in all aspects.

Company culture

Our mission is: We are revolutionizing the way we write in Europe to move towards an inclusive economy and society.

We are a small team of people who believe in the impact of language and see diversity and inclusion as an economic and social imperative.

Each of us has our specialization, but also helps out in the other areas so that we can ensure customer-centric and agile product development.

It is extremely important to us to exchange ideas at eye level, both within the team and with customers. In addition, we want to work with people who want to question and move the status quo of business and society with us.

What we offer

In your role, you can determine how we should proceed as a company to achieve our common goals. There is a lot of opportunity to help shape things, as nothing is set in stone yet.

Other goodies:

  • Transparent wages and salary system. In addition to your salary, you will receive stock options.
  • Annual working hours, i.e. you decide when you work in consultation with your team.
  • Half-fare card, software, gadget and mobile budget
  • 100% salary in case of maternity leave, 4 weeks paternity leave.

Since many of us have children of our own, personal freedoms that ensure compatibility are extremely important to us.

Our Recruitment process

Lukas Kahwe Smith

Lukas Kahwe Smith, Off on Friday, is happy to answer your questions about the job or the team at +41774261811 or via email.

The recruitment process for tech positions is as follows:

  1. Explain to us in a letter (maximum half an A4 page):
    • What you have developed in your previous jobs, including company details and why this makes you proud or not.
    • Why you decided to pursue a career in software development and why you are still doing so today.
      Please DO NOT indicate name, address or any other demographic information on this letter. And please DO NOT send us a CV. We adhere to unbiased recruitment processes in order to build a diverse team.

Please submit this letter until at the latest February 14, 2021, after which you will receive feedback within 7 days, including salary terms.

  1. As a preparation to the interview, we will send you a code-related task that takes max. 1 hour. The interview will be about that task (don't worry it is not a test, but just a discussion) as well as about you and your plans. After that we will contact you within 7 days.

  2. We arrange a call with the whole team, where we talk about your future with us and clarify mutual expectations.

  3. You will receive the contract from us.

Apply now

Diversifier Witty Works (Recruiting), Rotwandstrasse 63, 8047 Zürich, Switzerland,