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Pipeline Development

70% or more | Zürich or home office

CHF 90000 - 100000 / year

Salary is not negotiable (determined by salary system)

Your new role

We support our clients' software development teams with operations engineering so that together we can live DevOps. We achieve this by implementing GitOps: adding all the infrastructure needed to run the application as code (configuration) to the Git repository containing the application. We support our clients' teams with the tools and processes so that their systems can work 24x7 without interruption.

Your role is in pipeline engineering. You will support dockerization and set up local development environments. Part of your work will also be to automate functional and application security testing as well as set up automated deployment. Naturally, you will also worry about cleanup for feature branch deployments.

This job is for you if

  • in your former jobs you have gained know how in software development and want to move into DevOps.
  • you are a curious mind and want to learn more about new tools, technologies and open source software.
  • you are enthusiastic about finding pragmatic solutions.
  • you are interested in growing by helping, sharing, or educating your colleagues.

About Us

VSHN exists to help software development teams to not have to worry about the operations of their online business. We strive to be the Ops in our customers DevOps: supporting them with the generic tooling, processes and experience to enable their development teams to take the end-to-end responsibility for their product.

Company culture

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Our Recruitment process

Aarno Aukia

Aarno Aukia, CTO & Partner, is happy to answer your questions about the job or the team at +41 44 545 53 00 or via email.

Our recruitment process is documented in our handbook

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VSHN - The DevOps Company, Neugasse 10, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland,