Software Engineering

100% | Job location Zürich

Your new role

Together with the Customer Insights team, you build technology that unlocks insights from large quantities of data. You collaborate on continuously improving how such insights are translated into actions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. You use your judgement and customer focus to help the team plan and deliver improvements, features, and — most importantly — value for the people who have placed their trust in us, and in our software.

This job is for you if

  • you look forward to strengthening our team with your experience in building and shipping distributed cloud services.
  • you are excited by the opportunity to work directly with partners and customers.
  • you are comfortable dealing with change, uncertainty, and experimentation.
  • you believe in continuous self-development, on a personal and on a team level

Company description

We're Microsoft, the company empowering people and organizations to realize their vision. Our Customer Insights team are less than a year old, and are working at the intersection of machine learning, big data, and near real-time insights. We are excited to be applying the power of AI to help businesses drive customer-centric engagement. And we're looking forward to having you as part of our team!

Goodies & Benefits

Microsoft offers an open and supportive working environment that encourages collaboration, and values each individual's contribution. We take inclusion seriously, and welcome the richness that diversity brings to our organization. We host team events that introduce new perspectives to our lives, and experiment with new ways to work better together. Flexible working hours, and the opportunity to do home office, are part of our family-friendly culture. So too are our generous parental and caregiver leave policies.

Recruitment process

  1. If you have any questions, Hamlet D’Arcy will be happy to help.
  2. Submit your application via our online portal and we'll get back to you within a week.
  3. You'll be invited for a phone screen with a recruiter.
  4. The next step would be a 30 minute technical phone screen. You will be asked to write some code. (We can also accommodate an offline screen when requested.)
  5. If things go well, you'll be invited to our office in Zürich Wollishofen for a half-day round of interviews. During this time, you'll spend an hour with a member of the Customer Insights engineering team, focusing on your technical skills and experience. You'll also have an hour-long interview with a program manager, and an hour with the hiring manager.
  6. You'll receive an offer within two weeks.

Apply now

Microsoft, Seestrasse 356, 8038 Zürich, Switzerland,